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Get the professional resume writing help you need to land that job!

Get the professional resume writing help you need to land that job! Have you been on any job interviews lately? If not, chances are your resume is to blame. On average, a potential employer takes about ten seconds to skim over a resume, and in those ten seconds makes a lot of decisions about you based on what she sees on the page. Remember: Your resume is the first impression an interviewer has of you. Making the right one will mean getting your foot in the door, while a poorly crafted resume will end up in the “no thank you” pile.

Let our career counseling and professional résumé writing services help you make a glorious first impression. Working from our Houston-based office, we’ll provide you with the expert advice, experience, and services to get you that job interview. Although we can’t get the job for you, our combined resume and career assistance services can put you at the top of the contenders list. You will go to that interview armed with the skills you need to give yourself the competitive edge. We offer a variety of career counseling services in Houston. Contact us to find out what we have to offer. Our clients in the Houston, Texas area are at all stages of their careers and seeking all types of positions, from that fresh-out-of-school entry-level job to a high-powered executive power position. Our resume writing help and career coaching will improve your chances at the job you want, no matter what your experience level.

You’ve worked hard to get the credentials you have, right? It would be a shame to not highlight them to their best advantage. Perhaps you’ve just graduated from school and are looking to enter the workforce in a meaningful way. Or maybe you’ve spent years paying your dues are now looking to climb to the next rung on the corporate ladder. That’s where our resume writing service comes in. We will help you choose the very best information to include on your resume, leaving aside the frivolous information and overused catch phrases that an employer can see right through.

A long resume isn’t necessarily a good one. In fact, it’s usually quite the opposite. In those precious ten seconds you have to not only grab the attention of the interviewer, you also have to motivate them to give you an interview. A professionally written resume can do just that. We will ensure your resume represents the very best of you!