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When setting out on the exciting and challenging adventure for a new career, preparation is going to be the key to your success. Approaching this process can be intimidating. However, with the proper coaching, you can begin your career search with confidence, knowing you have the ability to properly educate employers of the value you bring to their organization. You will become empowered to ultimately land the career you deserve.

When asking to be considered for any job, you are immediately thrown into a sales transaction; your job is to sell yourself to that employer. When selling, you have to know your product inside and out, and most people today still don’t know what it takes to convince an employer to hire them. When it comes to talking about ourselves, most people find this difficult to do. They don’t know what to bring up and they are fearful of bragging too much.

Sandy Hild will help you get to know yourself and instill personal confidence in your capabilities. After all, if you don’t believe in yourself, why should someone else? With a firm belief in yourself as the best person for the job, and confidence that outshines the competition, you can effectively sell yourself to any employer.

By investing in career coaching from The Resume Doctor, Sandy will help you:
• Determine what job you want to attract. You become a much better candidate when you can write to the needs of the employer
• Strategically develop an attainable business plan for your career, one that helps you determine where you want to go in your career and just how to get there
• Create and maintain a brag book/career portfolio that allows you to track and maintain accurate records of your contributions and the impact they made
• Prepare for the interview by learning how to answer interview questions strategically and effectively
• Learn how to turn your interview into a presentation and demonstration of what you can do
• Learn how to network and develop contacts within companies, associations, and organizations
• Brand yourself (more than your persona, your personal branding must flow throughout your resume, cover letter, follow-up, and even in the work you do when you get your new job)

Even though Sandy is based in Houston, she has coached people all over the U.S. to reach their career goals and gave them the confidence to pursue their dreams.

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