Professional Resume Writing Experience

Moving to Houston in 1985, Sandy started working for American and Professional Resume Services as an assistant regional director.  In addition to working with clients on their personal projects, she also taught resume writing to team members throughout Houston, San Antonio, Austin, Corpus Christi, and Beaumont.

Out of 450 offices nationwide and 25 regions, this territory went from being bottom-ranked to producing the #1 office consistently, and it was the first region to earn computers based on production.

In this industry, there is a great deal of turnover–people come and go.  They don’t make it because they can sell but they can’t produce a quality product because they are not writers.  Sandy’s success is based on her ability to interview clients, getting them to open up and divulge information they never would have thought to include on their resumes.

She eventually took over the downtown office, which was a low producing location, and built the business into one that ranked in the top 10% of the company.

In 1991, Sandy became an entrepreneur and started her business as The Resume Doctor in the Esperson Building in downtown Houston.  Her clientele continued to grow primarily from referrals and repeat business.

In 1999, she gave up the commute to downtown and developed her business from a home office.  “This was during the time when the new Astros ballpark was being built and the landlord wanted to raise our rents tremendously. My clients were always complaining about the commute and parking.  It was time to move and I haven’t looked back.  Less stress and better time management have resulted from this relocation.  Besides, who wants to drive now with the price of gas.”

Technology has made the world so much smaller so why make someone get in a car and drive to an office.  We can accomplish the same task painlessly.  Resume interviews are conducted over the telephone, where one question will lead to another.  It’s a process that will make you a better candidate not only on paper (your resume) but also in the interview.  You have to learn how to talk about yourself.

Personal appointments can be scheduled at a particular bank’s conference room.

In addition to getting an excellent resume, Sandy provides her clients with career coaching.  “I don’t just push you into the deep end of the pool and expect you to swim. A great resume isn’t going to help you if you don’t know what to do with it.”

Clients of The Resume Doctor are successful because they are providing employers with the information they want for in a clear and concise fashion and they know how to use their resume to get the best results.

Writing a resume correctly is an art.  Not everyone can do it and do it well.  Realize that a resume is an investment in your future.  How successful do you want to be during your job search?  Do you appear on paper as someone worth the salary you want?

Get better organized! Learn how to track your accomplishments, develop a brag book or career portfolio, put together a job search binder, answer interview questions, manage your interview, and do your followup.

Some Accolades Include:

Competing with more than 250 other professional resume writers in PRWRA and having work nonimated for awards.

Serving as a leader within the PRWRA organization, providing mentorship and guidance to members in multiple states, and helping to develop procedures and benefits to grow our membership.

Helping women in the Houston market as a consultant with the Women For Hire job fair since it’s introduction to this area. Reviewed resumes and helped women understand how they need to focus on a particular job, write to that audience, and create a dynamic resume that shows actions and results.

Creating a resume and two essays for a client without a bachelor’s degree who was accepted into an Executive MBA Program.

Writing a resume that allowed a client the potential to double her salary.

Developing a resume for a teacher with an editing background who successfully transitioned into new home sales, and went on to become one of David Weekley’s top producers.

Helping clients present a powerful resume.   For you to get noticed amongst the thousands of competitors, you have to show that you can recognize problems, implement processes, affect change, and impact the company. If it reads like a job description, then it’s not doing its job.

…and there are many more stories!